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  • Madrid Compensa Ecosystem Services: Over the past year (2021), we have been designing, in close collaboration with Dark Matter Labs, the City Council of Madrid, and UPM, the way to widen the scope of Madrid Compensa to begin to assess and quantify the contribution of urban green areas, beyond their function as a carbon sink, and start to recognize the multiple environmental, social and economic co-benefits  which trees contribute to the city, as a key step to expanding the idea of value of urban natural assets. We began to collaborate with ECOGESFOR,(a research group, based at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), to develop a tool and methodology to  to calculate the ecosystem services generated by planting projects associated with the Madrid Compensa Program.  The calculated ecosystem services for each reforestation project will be included in a certification that Madrid City Council will give participants in recognition of their contribution. The project has taken shape with the inputs for Madrid’s specific tree/shrub species and growing conditions. The objective has been to tailor the tool to specific needs and, at the same, create a methodological frame that can be easily extrapolated to other territories.