Art and Science project: Cyborg Garden


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  • Art and Science project: Cyborg Garden: The Cyborg Garden is a collaborative process where a group of artists develops, together with a team of technicians and experts from different disciplines, a series of creation processes to test strategies for adapting to climate change, which increase the resilience of public space and that make Matadero- Madrid a desirable place.  Matadero is located at the heart of an urban ‘heat island’: a place where heat accumulates as a consequence of its location and its physical configuration. The proposal is to implement strategies to mitigate the “heat island effect” and to rethink the role of the public space in relation to climate change. During this process, Matadero Madrid become a laboratory for testing nature-based solutions that will culminate in a series of replicable prototypes capable of raising the resilience of this public space in Madrid.